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Item Code : NMP7000T
Total Weight : 11.00
Product Information

VWA water ionizer is approved as a medical device by Korea FDA. Rated as the World’s No. 1 Water Ionizer by 3 major independent research organization in USA consecutively for 10 years and beyond. It adopts the most advanced ionization technology such as hybrid platinum plates and patented SMPS Plus to provide the best ionization efficiency in the world. The system turns tap water into purified highest antioxidant water on earth; offering highest –ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) and richest dissolved hydrogen levels (h2) in the industry. Hence, it shows remarkable anti-aging, anti-inflammation, prevent and reverse all kinds of degenerative diseases. Besides, the system is equipped with two proprietary filters that offers unique resonance energy and can energize and restore dead and sick water into 57 hertz living water for optimum cellular hydration.

We offers various models ranging from 5,7, 9 & 11 hybrid platinum plates. The more number of plates provides wider higher count of antioxidants and wider ranges of pH. Our turbo models offers 8 types of functional water, 100% chemical-free! All models are equipped with anti-polarity auto-cleaning function!

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